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Don’t let a small wound become a big problem

Diabetes, immobilization or circulatory problems are just a few ways that people get chronic wounds. Wounds that don’t heal properly can quickly escalate from being a nuisance to a serious health threat.

The caring physicians at Brookwood Baptist guide you through every step of the healing process. Our doctors use the latest technologies in debridement, infection control, surgical intervention, wound closure devices and hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, an innovation that uses pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to expedite the healing process. We also offer bio-engineered skin replacement tissues.

Indications for wound care include the following:

  • Diabetic ulcers/sores
  • Wounds due to compromised blood supply – i.e. venous or arterial ulcers/sores that can affect the lower legs and feet
  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Complex soft tissue wounds
  • Traumatic wounds

Indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy include the following:

  • Diabetic ulcers of the lower legs
  • Long-standing bone infections
  • Tissues and bones that are affected by radiation therapy
  • Bladder
  • Rectum
  • Upper and lower jaw bone
  • Gangrene
  • Certain types of insufficient blood supply that can affect the legs/feet, arms/hands
  • Progressive infections of the skin and underlying tissues
  • Flesh-eating bacteria
  • Brown recluse spider bites
  • Crush injuries/suturing of severed limbs