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To request an appointment about High Risk Breast Assessment, please 205-877-5298 or click the Blue Button to Request an Appointment.

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A cancer diagnoses is a frightening and overwhelming time. At Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, we understand the stress this can cause as you are making critical decisions while facing the challenges of cancer treatments. Our Patient Navigator is committed to guiding you through the journey, empowering you to make the best decisions about your treatment options and health.

Our Services

Our specially-trained Patient Navigator can help you and your loved ones face the challenges cancer brings with it. We can help you understand your cancer type and the treatment plan prescribed by your physician. We provide information about hospital services, community resources, and education and support.

Patient Navigators can assist with:

  • Identifying local resources and support
  • Navigation through the healthcare system
  • Assessing unique concerns and needs
  • Coordinating and scheduling appointments
  • Counseling and family support
  • Survivorship
  • Locating cancer support groups in the community
  • Finding help with transportation to appointments
  • Connecting you to care providers
  • Assistance with financial and insurance questions

Brookwood Baptist Medical Center proudly works with the following organizations to better serve our patients:

  • FORGE Breast Cancer Survivor Center
  • Laura Crandall Brown Foundation
  • American Cancer Society
  • Rumpshaker, Inc.

The Patient Navigator Program at the Brookwood Baptist Medical Center is a free service available to help patients and caregivers throughout their journey. Contact us at 205-877-5298 to learn more about your cancer diagnoses, treatments options, and resources available to you.

Genetic Testing and Education

If you answer yes to any of the following, call or email the Patient Navigator at the contact information listed below:

  1. You or a relative* have ever been diagnosed with:
    • ovarian, pancreatic, male breast, metastatic prostate, triple negative breast, or medullary thyroid)
    • Early onset cancer (colorectal, endometrial (uterine), or beast diagnosed prior to the age of 50)
    • Multiple cancers in one family member
  2. Multiple family members on the same side of family diagnosed with same type of cancer
  3. You have had 10 or more colon polyps in your lifetime
  4. You have Ashkenzai Jewish ancestry
  5. u have a relative who has a gene mutation

*Relatives to include are siblings, children, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents

To request an appointment about Hereditary Cancer Genetics, please 205-877-5298 or click the Blue Button to Request an Appointment.

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  • Contact Phone Number and
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