Your brain is who you are.

The brain is the most fascinating organ in your body. It houses all of your memories, it’s where your personality spouts from, and is responsible for every movement, thought and decision. So when you experience an issue such as a stroke, head injury or a central nervous system disease, your whole being can be jeopardized.

Brookwood Baptist Health meets the challenge of such high stakes with skilled neurologists and the latest screening and diagnostic technology. We provide advanced, compassionate care for patients affected by strokes or conditions like multiple sclerosis, and we plan customized treatment solutions for those with long-term health conditions. We know your brain is more than just an organ, it’s who you are—and we work around the clock to preserve and improve your brain function.

Conditions That We Treat

We treat a variety of neurological conditions including:

We can help you discover the cause of your seizures, and if you have epilepsy, work with you to find a treatment plan that helps you manage your condition.

Movement Disorders
If you’re dealing with Parkinson’s disease, restless leg syndrome, tics or any other movement disorder, you know how seriously they can impact your life. We can help.

Multiple Sclerosis
Not much is known about the causes of multiple sclerosis, but there are still steps you can take to diagnose and manage the condition.

We perform both operative and non-operative treatment of conditions that affect your nervous system.

Spinal Surgery
Our team includes a wide range of specialists who may help with the treatment of spinal cord injuries, from neurologists and neurosurgeons to physical therapists and psychologists.

Stroke Treatment
With a stroke, time and experience matter the most and make all the difference for your recovery.