Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF)


The TIF procedure is a data-backed solution for moderate to severe GERD patients who are:

  • Dissatisfied with pharmaceutical therapies and the burdensome lifestyle changes (sleeping positions, strictly timed eating, etc.) that they are forced to manage symptoms
  • Suffering from non-acid symptoms of reflux such as asthma, persistent cough or sore throat
  • Frustrated with progressively increasing dosages of their reflux medications that may or may not be controlling symptoms
  • Concerned about the potential long-term side effects

There is now a surgical solution for those with chronic acid reflux. The endoscopic TIF® 2.0 procedure allows physicians to effectively treat the root cause of moderate to severe GERD and fills the treatment gap between pharmacological therapy and more traditional surgical options. TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication) is not new.

Many patients are diagnosed with GERD and may not be fully satisfied with their current treatment options. They often present with daily heartburn and regurgitation or other atypical symptoms such as chronic cough, hoarseness, chronic sinus or lung infections, and dental erosions. Until recently, patients only had two choices—a lifetime dependence on daily medications (and often incomplete symptom control), or the risks and long-term side-effects of traditional surgery. PPI medications offer safe and effective short-term relief for heartburn symptoms.

Unfortunately, even while on medications for years, many patients are still unable to eat the foods they want or must sleep sitting up to reduce nighttime reflux, and these patients frequently become dissatisfied with lifestyle adjustments. The TIF procedure is designed to treat GERD symptoms while minimizing post-operative side effects such as dysphagia, gas bloat, and flatulence.

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