Heart and Vascular Services We Provide

Specialty heart, thoracic and vascular services that we provide include:

Structural Heart & Valve Centers
Structural Heart and Valve Disease is a blanket term covering a variety of conditions that affect the inner workings of the heart. At Brookwood Baptist Health, we offer three Structural Heart & Valve Centers that provide patients with the highest quality care and optimal outcomes.

Cardiovascular Imaging
The first step in treating your heart is finding the source of its condition. We offer a wide range of tests and screenings at our fully equipped imaging centers, including angiogram, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram and other diagnostic tests.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Program
Cardiothoracic surgeons are diversely trained and highly experienced in heart and chest surgery. Cardiac surgeons on our medical staff are not only experts in traditional open heart surgeries, they are also leaders in performing innovative procedures and using minimally invasive techniques.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Brookwood Baptist Health is changing the way cardiac care is delivered and is a regional designation for advanced cardiovascular care, including cardiac rehabilitation. This specialized form of therapy is proven to help you recover from heart disease and prevent future heart attacks.

Cardiopulmonary Program
When you choose us to care for your heart and lung condition, you gain rapid access to specialists who are leaders in their field for some of the most complex conditions.

Electrophysiology Program
Have you ever felt like your heart is beating too fast or too slow? There may be a problem with your heart's electrical system. Recognizing symptoms of a rhythm disorder like atrial fibrillation, which is the most common type of arrhythmia, requires a careful study of the symptoms. We can help.

Heart Failure Program
There is no cure for heart failure, but the specialists at Brookwood Baptist Health are certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine Advance Heart Failure & Transplantation Cardiology and offer comprehensive care to each advanced heart failure patient to help manage their condition.

Interventional Cardiology Program
This group of specialized cardiologists has undergone vigorous amounts of training to diagnose and treat congenital heart disease (present at birth) and structural heart conditions through catheter-based procedures.

Endovascular Invention & Vascular Surgery Program
If you are in need of vascular services, come to us. We have a team of physicians across a variety of specialties that collaborate to provide vascular care with the latest in advanced treatment options. We also offer a comprehensive wound care program and hyperbaric oxygen therapy program.

Women’s Heart Services
Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women? At Brookwood Baptist Health, we understand how important it is for our female patients to get the screenings and procedures needed to protect their heart health.

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