Patient Testimonial – The Rowlands

Apr 20, 2021

After being married for 50 years, David and Wanda Rowland have experienced a lot together. Now, another shared experience they can add to the list is their most recent anterior hip replacements with Dr. Dan Morris, orthopedic surgeon at Walker Baptist Medical Center.

It was just one week apart that the Rowlands went in for their surgeries. Wanda, 70, went in for her outpatient procedure first and said she had a pleasant experience with the nursing staff.

“Everything went great. Registration was easy enough and I went home the same day,” Wanda said.

David, 72, had his procedure a week later, which was also as an outpatient.

David and Wanda were very active prior to the surgery and both started to experience some pain that prompted the couple to research options.

“I was very impressed with Dr. Morris. He kept us very informed, which was very refreshing and I just speak the highest of him,” David said.

After their surgeries, the Rowlands started the road to recovery doing physical therapy together. David said their recovery was fairly quick and the two were back walking in less than two weeks.

“We are glad to be back to all the things we use to do such as working in the yard and cutting grass and Wanda is back with her walking group,” he said.

The Rowlands are from the Jasper area, so it was beneficial to be able to get the care they needed close to home.

“We were considering another facility for our procedures, but Dr. Morris was so reassuring and we are so glad we went with him,” David said.

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