Gift Ideas to Keep Them Healthy

Wondering what to give some of your favorite people this year? Here are some fun ideas that inspire healthy living all year long. The key is knowing your audience and putting a little extra thought into something that is meaningful to them.
  1. Fitness tracker or smart watch – If you both get one, have weekly contests to see who gets the most steps in.
  2. Sign-up for a class for you and a friend – yoga, dance, tennis, spinning, healthy cooking, indoor rock climbing…make it an adventure for both of you.
  3. Apparel or gear for their favorite activity – For example, running, walking or cross-training shoes; compression wear, such as socks or tights; hiking boots; gardening gloves; UV-protectant sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat. Think of things they enjoy and useful items to complement those activities.
  4. Personalized gift basket that you compile. It could have their favorite seasonal fruits, nuts, teas or coffee along with a mug or water bottle that fits their personality.
  5. Healthy cookbook – There are a plethora to choose from including ones focused on low fat, high protein, SuperFoods, heart health and low sodium, organic, vegan and other specific dietary needs.
  6. Personal training or fitness membership – to the neighborhood Y, recreation center or club. Make it a family activity to keep everyone motivated.
  7. Order a meal delivery service – such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Marley Spoon or Dinnerly and others that feature ingredients and step-by-step instructions to prepare fresh and healthy meals at home.
  8. Team sports – Sign your team up for a recreational league, such as softball, kickball, pickle ball, hockey, square dancing, or whatever you’re into. Besides friendly competition and activity, it’s an opportunity to connect socially and meet new people.
  9. An act of kindness – Show someone in need you care by offering to do something for them such as babysitting, grocery shopping or taking a healthy meal to them, assisting with transportation needs, or helping with a project or giving of your time in some way. A thoughtful gesture to reduce someone else’s stress can make you both feel better.
  10. Surprise them with an experience – It could be something adventurous that gets their heart rate up (such as scuba diving, rock climbing, skiing, etc.) or a relaxing getaway to help their mental well-being. Other ideas to lift someone’s spirits could include a special event or performance or giving them “their perfect day” filled with their favorite things (e.g. a massage, a healthy lunch or picnic, a movie, a bike ride, a special museum exhibit…). Make it about them and be creative.

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