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Doug's Alzheimer's Story

Jun 6, 2019

Doug Marshall

December 2016

It was December 31, 2016, and while many people were out celebrating the start of the new year, Doug Marshall was in Brookwood Baptist Medical Center’s emergency room, worried about the fate of his father-in-law, Carl Scott. Carl was 83 and had Alzheimer’s and other health issues, but that wasn’t why he was in the ER - he was having a simultaneous heart attack and asthma attack.

carl-scott-doug-marshall“He was brought in under a lot of distress,” remembers Doug, “but the team that night took such great care of him and got him comfortable quickly. One minute he’s in distress, and the next he’s at peace and stabilized.”

Once stabilized, Carl was moved to the Intensive Care Unit and then to a private room. A week later, he was well enough to be released to his nursing home.

“The whole time, everybody was just wonderful and was able to get him at ease,” said Doug. “Obviously, with dementia, he’s not able to understand certain things. But everyone, from the doctors to the nurses to those transporting him to his room really took care of him. It was a culture of care and you could tell that everyone believed in providing the best care possible.”

This was not Carl or Doug’s first experience with Brookwood Baptist Medical Center. In fact, it has been their family’s preferred hospital for years. Carl had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 5 years earlier and had been in and out of the hospital since then with multiple health issues. From a broken hip to dealing with his Alzheimer’s, Brookwood was always Carl’s and Doug’s first choice.

“Carl has always come to Brookwood for his care – the Brookwood family has taken care of him for so long,” said Doug. “During that time, there were obviously points where he had to come to Brookwood’s geriatric psychiatry unit. They always got him stabilized, calm and on the right amount of medication in a short amount of time and was very successful. And when he broke his hip, he was able to have surgery that night and was up and reading the paper in the morning. All of his care has been so successful and could not have gone any better. Whenever there was a question of when he needed to go, I always said Brookwood.”

Carl Scott passed away on January 17, 2017 in his nursing home surrounded by family. According to Doug, the care Carl received at Brookwood meant that he was able to pass away peacefully in the manner that he and his family wished.

“He was a great man. He wasn’t just like a second father to me, he was a second father to me,” said Doug. “I’m very thankful for the care, compassion and professionalism that we always got at Brookwood. When someone has Alzheimer’s, it’s tough. I was so proud of him and his battle against this disease that he had no control over, but we needed help, and we got that help at Brookwood. Everyone just worked with him to make sure he was comfortable and had the best care. They always handled him amazingly and I will never forget it.”