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Oct 1, 2015

People don’t say “we’re pregnant” these days for no reason. More than ever, men are realizing their role as active participants in the pregnancy experience. Expectant fathers should support and plan right along with their wives.

But if you’re drawing a blank on things you can do, here are some practical tips for the Dad to Be:

  • Tag along to the doctor. You’ll learn more about pregnancy, have the chance to ask questions and find out what’s happening with your baby firsthand.
  • Adopt her healthy lifestyle. It’s important that your wife stays healthy during pregnancy, so why don’t you do it too? Maintain a healthy diet and exercise together. If you smoke, get help to quit and avoid alcohol along with your wife.
  • Attend birthing classes. Classes will help you prepare for the big day and know more about what to expect. Learning the basics before baby arrives will build your confidence as a new dad and help you bond with your baby.
  • Be the one she can vent to. While you may want to fix a problem, your wife probably just wants you to be understanding when she needs to complain or needs a shoulder to cry on.
  • Plan regular date nights. Go out to dinner, take in a movie and spend some quality time together to keep your romance alive. If she’s not feeling well or too tired to go out, order in a meal and watch a favorite show at home.
  • Take on chores that could be harmful. Some household products like strong cleaners, paint products and insecticides could potentially be harmful to your baby. And for these 9 months, you’re in charge of cleaning the cat litter box since it can also be harmful.
  • Let her rest as much as possible. If she needs a nap or needs to go to bed early, be supportive. Encourage your wife to relax while you take care of errands and chores around the house.
  • Help plan. Help pick out registry items, attend baby showers and get everything set up in the nursery. Also, think about estate planning, such as making a will or designating a guardian for your child, should something happen to you.
  • Make her feel safe and secure. As the baby’s due date nears, do as much as you can to help get the house ready, settle any outstanding work issues and have a plan in place for getting to the hospital and communicating with family and friends.