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Meet Walker Baptist Volunteers Ruth Farris and Melza McElrath

Nov 19, 2018

Meet Our Volunteer Ruth Farris

Ruth FarrisEighteen years and more than 10,000 volunteer hours later, Ruth Farris remains a dedicated volunteer to Walker Baptist Medical Center.

Ruth is the chairperson of the patient information area, the first station people see when coming into the hospital’s main lobby. She has helped build the base of this area and trains each new volunteer.

Ruth says she gets a feeling of fulfillment and contentment knowing she is helping others by volunteering her time at Walker Baptist.

Ruth’s most memorable volunteer experience was a surprise 90th birthday party planned by her family, but also attended by a large group of her fellow volunteers, friends, and family.

Ruth Farris social card

Meet Long-Time Volunteer of 30 Years, Melza McElrath

Melza McElrathMelza has been volunteering for 30 years and has accumulated approximately 10,000 hours at Walker Baptist.

Melza is the chairperson of the Gift Shop, substitutes when someone is out and helps train new volunteers to serve in the gift shop.

She volunteers because she feels that this is her way of “giving back” to her community. In giving back, she gets pleasure in helping others. Melza likes to get out and work with her fellow volunteers. She also enjoys seeing her friends and former students when they come by the hospital’s gift shop.

Melza's most memorable volunteer experience happened when she witnessed a young girl who was stranded for several hours at the hospital with no money or transportation. Anonymously, she made sure the girl had food and drink while she waited for transportation to arrive.

Melza McElrath social card