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Meet Princeton Baptist Volunteer Ginny Elam

Nov 16, 2018

22 Years of Service

Ginny ElamMany retire from his or her place of work and never return. However, Ginny Elam had very different plans when she retired from Princeton Baptist Medical Center in 1996.

Ginny has a combined total of 42 years of service to Princeton Baptist - 20 years as an employee and 22 years as a volunteer.

“My husband retired some time before I did and I told him, ‘You can’t just sit around,’” she said. “To stay active, he went to volunteer at the Red Cross. And, when I retired, I had to do something. I had to practice what I preached.”

At the time Ginny retired, she was a charge nurse on the oncology floor. Though she never thought she would work on the oncology floor, Ginny said the opportunity came up and she went to there serve.

Ginny now assists in many ways as a volunteer, but mainly serves with cardiac pulmonary rehab.

“I do things that have to be done to take the burden off some of the nurses. Although I don’t have direct patient interaction, I know I am helping them indirectly,” she said.

During here 22 years as a volunteer, there have been many memorable experiences at Princeton Baptist for Ginny, but one which sticks out the most was when she helped a patient’s family member who was in distress.

“I remember the woman was in distress and I was the only one there to help her,” she recalls. “She was in with her husband who was having a procedure, but she needed help too. I asked her was there more family around and she said it was just her and her husband.”

“It was then I knew there are some people around the hospital who need us to stand in the gap,” Ginny says.

After more than four decades at Princeton Baptist, one would suspect Ginny has a strong affection for the hospital as she encourages others to consider volunteering.

“They would get back much more than they give,” she said. “I love to volunteer because it makes me feel good!”

Ginny added, “Princeton is a faith-based hospital and you are allowed to practice your faith here. That is a big motivator for me as to why I do what I do. My prayer in the morning to Him is, ‘Ok Lord, let me shine for You, today.’”

Thank you Ginny! We are thankful for you!

Ginny Elam