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Faces of Citizens Baptist Medical - Sarah L White

Jun 7, 2019

Meet Sarah L. White


Title: Emergency Department Director at Citizens Baptist Medical Center

Years of Employment: 2 years

For over 20 years in the Emergency Department and a director since 2000, Sara L. White, RN, MSN, has worked in the ER field and loves helping the people there.

Why Sarah Loves Citizens Baptist: The tenured staff that are dedicated to the community really make the difference at our hospital. The compassion here creates the best kind of culture that has the genuine feeling of care. This is definitely a place that takes seriously the need to meet and exceed different standards and metrics to best serve our patients.

How Sarah Chose the Emergency Department: Sarah knew she wanted to work in the Emergency Department ever since the age of 16 years old. She started out as an ER clerk and worked her way up to become the Emergency Department director.

Fun Fact: Sarah shared that and her husband Michael will celebrate their 40th anniversary this year. In addition to that exciting milestone, Sarah shared her love for farm animals! Although she never grew up on farm, she grew up with an interest in these animals. She enjoys raising her horses, and has eight in total. Out of the eight, Sarah shared some of their names with us and “Moonpie” and “Charlie Horse” were certainly among the most memorable. She has several more animals as well, such as goats, chickens, and dogs!

Tune in for more posts and features including a patient story highlighting the services offered through our rehab department.