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Employee Spotlight Story: A Bond like No Other

Mar 24, 2020

A Reflection by Brittney Knox,
Brookwood Baptist Medical Center Marketing Manager

a-bond-like-no-otherFor this pair of friends, the story just kept getting more and more interesting as our conversation progressed. In short, here’s the story: You have two longtime friends from two different backgrounds, who have worked with Brookwood Baptist Medical Center or the health system for more than 20 years, who carpool to work every day and their desire is simple: to contribute to the OBGYN practice they serve.

Here’s more about Margaret Abercrombie and Teresa Nichols, both employees at OB-GYN South, P.C., affiliated with Brookwood Baptist Medical Center.

About Their Friendship and Carpooling

Margaret and Teresa shared they first met when they both attended Leeds High School, but really got to know each other when they worked together at a local grocery store, BMart.

“We are like family,” Teresa said. “We celebrate birthdays together and our kids all know each other.”

With the photo shared here, one can see Teresa and Margaret represent two different backgrounds. And, while it may be not be the norm to some people, Teresa and Margaret say their focus is on the person, not their color.

“We all bleed the same,” Margaret said. “We don’t see color.”

It was obvious as they laughed and talked with each other during our chat, they had a genuine love for one another that extended far beyond color lines.

With just a short distance between Margaret and Teresa, they alternate weeks driving and carpool to work.

“We have been riding together for at least 15 years or more,” Teresa said.

Not only is this good for the environment, but it shows how their bond is far beyond just coworkers. They have become deeply rooted in each other’s lives.

About Being Coworkers & Longtime Employees

Fast forward years later from the two meeting as best friends in their teens. Now, they have been working together for more than 20 years, beginning at the Baptist Health System and now in the billing department at OB-GYN South.

“We get along good,” Margaret said. “We both take our jobs seriously and if we disagree on something at work, it doesn’t affect our personal friendship.”

Employees with this kind of longevity, such as 20 years of service are becoming more scare in the workforce, but it was obvious during my chat with these ladies that their teammates and physicians truly value their contributions to the practice.

“The physicians here are very caring, loving and respectful of the needs of the patient,” Margaret said. Teresa added, “They constantly go above and beyond for the patients and their employees as well.”

As mentioned, Teresa and Margaret are employees with OB-GYN South here at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, which includes Drs. Radbill, McKenzie, Adcock, Taylor, Batson and Aldred. Also connected to this office are the physicians of the Alabama Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Pain, which includes Drs. Childs and Parnell. The clinic holds a Bible study every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. for employees.

“Sometimes, one of the doctors leads it or another team member, but it makes me feel so blessed to work here,” Margaret said. 

For more information on Women’s services at our hospital, visit Brookwood Women’s Medical Center.