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Brookwood is Turning 46!

Mar 4, 2019

Having opened our doors on March 5, 1973, this Tuesday marks Brookwood’s 46th year of providing high quality care to our community.

This Tuesday, March 5 we will have a birthday celebration and some very special employees who have served our hospital for ALL 46 years will join our CEO Tim Putoff and cut our birthday cake. It will be a beautiful combination of the wealth of knowledge they possess about this hospital combined with the new energy Tim brings to Brookwood as our new CEO as of this January.

Learn more about these employees below:

Meet David M. Dennis

David DennisLong-time pharmacist who began at Brookwood Baptist before the hospital opened talks about changes over time

Hire date: February 19th, 1973
Title & Department: Staff Pharmacist, Pharmacy Department
Years of Employment: BBMC 46 years
David’s Role & Thoughts on Brookwood Baptist: As with any long-term employment or relationship, change is inevitable.  I classify my employment at Brookwood to be more of a relationship than employment.  I have experienced many changes in the Brookwood Pharmacy where the original model involved LPN's/RN's working in the Pharmacy Department taking Medication  to the Nursing Units and administering to the patient. High volume medication (Floorstock) was kept on the nursing units in a cabinet for easy access.  There were no computers when I started at Brookwood and Patient Profiles were hand written.  Patient labels were typed with a typewriter and IBM cards were used in the billing process. Medical records were kept on Microfilm. 

“Brookwood Baptist Medical Center has served my family through many life experiences.  My siblings have worked at Brookwood.  My children were born at Brookwood.  I met my wife at Brookwood.  Both my parents spent their last days on Earth at Brookwood. My hopes for Brookwood Baptist is that it continues to be one of the best healthcare facilities in the state and a place where my family and friends will always receive personable and outstanding Healthcare.”

Meet Brenda Murdock

BrendaFull of life and personality, Ms. Brenda says the people and the job have kept her at Brookwood Baptist

Hire date: February 19th, 1973
Department: Unit Secretary, Mother/Baby
Years of Employment: BBMC 46 years
Brenda’s Role & Thoughts on Brookwood Baptist: I have always worked with babies throughout my time at Brookwood Baptist. I love the people that I work with and I love what I do. There are people I have met here that I connect with even outside of work and they are a part of my life. After 46 years, I have seen a lot of change here but what has kept me here is that I love the job and the people! 

Meet Donna Streeter

DonnaLong time employee’s first day was Brookwood’s first day also

Hire date: March 5th, 1973
Department: Unit Secretary, Perinatal  
Years of Employment: BBMC 46 years
Donna’s Role & Thoughts on Brookwood Baptist: I have worked a few different departments at Brookwood with my first being in food service. There was a group of us (myself and two other ladies, who have retired) and we all used to ride to work together. We would all take turns and rotate our weeks of driving. I remember our first day of the hospital opening and all of us still figuring things out. We just had one little building and a flat level parking lot and now obviously, the hospital has grown so much over time! It’s been said that us baby boomers don’t move around very often in jobs and it truly by the grace of God I’m here and I’m thankful.