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A Lesson from Long-Term Nurses...

Jul 18, 2019

With a combined total of 73 years of experience as nurses, Teri Moore and Eva Arnold

are now enjoying retirement from their service at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center. Though the Women’s Center employees will miss their smiling faces, they took time to sit with us and share valuable knowledge about things they learned throughout their careers.

Name: Eva Arnold Age: 63

Units Worked: Labor & Delivery for 15 years, worked ortho for some time, left Brookwood briefly and when she returned she retired from the High Risk OB department.

Years at Brookwood: 29 Years as a Nurse: 32

For Eva, she began her career in healthcare working at a doctor’s office and after doing a lot of clinical duties, she began to think healthcare may be for her.

Why did you become a nurse?

After working in a doctor’s office, I was helping with a lot of things and thought I could do this for real! So I left that job and became a paramedic before I was a nurse. It also helped that my sister was a nurse that also worked at Brookwood. She was on the front lines when the Women’s Center opened at Brookwood. *

Leaving Brookwood was especially tough for Eva because there was a lot she would miss including some of the nurses and doctors.

How would you describe your time at Brookwood?

I miss the people and the doctors. Oh goodness, the doctors there are the best! And, the people are amazing. You see what’s special about Brookwood isn’t the building, it’s the people. But, I still get to see my people. There is a great of us that go to dinners and keep in touch for special life events! *

Now that Eva has retired, there is much in store for her and her family. She definitely isn’t sitting idle with six grandchildren who are full of energy and full of life!

How do you plan to spend retirement?

Retirement has been good! I’m still keeping busy. Despite some minor health issues to get over, I am doing fine. This year I will celebrate my 40th anniversary with my husband and we are getting a pool installed for us and the grandkids to enjoy! *

In Eva’s time at Brookwood, she also shared that she met some special people including another long time nurse Teri Moore. “Teri was amazing! She taught me so much. We started working in the same department together and despite some brief time apart in different departments, we ended up back together before Eva’s retirement in April.

So, of course, we had to talk with Teri! Another long time Brookwood nurse and good friend of Eva.

Teri and Eva

Name: Teri Moore Age: 64

Units Worked: Started in the Open Heart Step-down unit, worked in the Intensive Care Unit, after 19 years she went into Labor and Delivery and then retired from High Risk OB

Years at Brookwood:  41 years

Years as a Nurse: 41 years and 6 months

Why did you become a nurse?

I decided to become a nurse to go into Labor & Delivery. I remember during my time as a nursing assistant I saw my first baby born on Thanksgiving night and I actually remember it making me vomit. One of the other nurses around at the time noticed I would be standing there holding my breath until I saw the baby breathe. But, honestly, I knew I wanted to go into Labor and Delivery. *

With such a long tenure at Brookwood, Teri was able to witness many changes at the hospital not only in the physical structure but also changes within the industry.

How would you describe your time at Brookwood?

My time at Brookwood was definitely a rollercoaster. The team at Brookwood was always very progressive and I fell in love with that during my time there. For example, I was able to be a part of the robotics program at the Women’s Center when it began in 2009 and despite some people’s reservations about it. It honestly is super cool! I was so honored to assist with the work this team did. *

Though Teri made the decision to retire, she said she will miss being challenged every day and also the ability to impact someone’s well-being through patient care. But, she does have fun plans for retirement to keep her busy.

How do you plan to spend retirement?

Traveling! I have already taken a couple of trips just in the past couple of months. I also volunteer with my church and may even come back to volunteer at Brookwood. *

With such an amazing amount of service and tenure in these two nurses, we couldn’t let them get away without asking them to share some valuable advice for nurses. Please enjoy this infographic of a combination of their tips for nurses!